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As of April the 8th two more of Ata Rangi's wines will be available in selected Systembolaget stores. This time you can enjoy Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2013 , 359 SEK, and Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonnay , 219 SEK. 

Please find a review from the magazine Decanter here about the Pinot Noir.

More about the Craighall chardonnay can be found here.



1st of March Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir (art.no 6328, price: SEK149) will again be available in selected systembolaget stores, this time not just a temporary launch. To find out more about the wine and what stores carry it click here.

A review by Swedish winewriter Håkan Larsson can be found here.

For more about Ata Rangi visit there website.



10th of april three New Zealand  wines are launched in selected systembolag's stores.

Te Mata Syrah 2013, Hawke's Bay, art.no 95230, price 129 SEK. Limited number of  3000 bottles and only in certain stores, see here for information on where to find this wine..

Te Mata Bullnose Syrah, Hawke's Bay, art.no 94813, price 299 SEK. Available at the exclusive assortment and in a limited amount. Read more about the wine here and where to find it.

For English check out  Te Mata's website.

Also, Pegasus Bay riesling is available again in selected stores with a new vintage.

Pegasus Bay Riesling 2009, Waipara, art.no 95244, 149 SEK. To find out more about the wine and where to find it click here. Read more about the vineyard here.



Ata Rangi is once again available in selected systembolag stores with these two wines:

Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2012, 361 SEK more information about the wine on Systembolaget's website and also reviews on Ata Rangi's website.

Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir 2013, 161 SEK, find out more about the wine and where to find it here and also on Ata Rangi's website.

-- 2015-03-16


On June the 2nd Gardo & Morris Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013 is launched in Systembolaget, in both 750 ml and 375 ml bottles, prices are 95 SEK and 49 SEK/bottle. Read more about the wine here.

On the same day Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonnay 2012 is launched in selected stores (219 SEK/bottle), more information about the wine and where you can find it you can find here.


On May 2nd 2014 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir as well as Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir were launched again in Systembolaget, but with new vintages, read more about the wines and where you can find them here and here!

Als, Pegasus Aged Riesling 2007 are also available now in selected Systembolaget stores, click here for more info.


GARDO & MORRIS SAUVIGNON BLANC/SEMILLON 2012 will be available in a store near you from September 2nd, enjoy! Read more about the wine here

Also, Ata Rangi's Crimson Pinot Noir will be back in store with a new vintage (2011). Find out more about it here and where to buy it!


From the 1st of May we are representing Pegasus Bay wines in Systembolaget, in selected stores you can find the following wines:

PEGASUS BAY RIESLING 2006 (nr 90596), SEK 179 


Please read more about this fantastic winery here


We are launching three new wines in Systembolaget March 1st 2013

On the 1st of March you can find three new Gardo & Morris wines on the shelves at Systembolaget:

Gardo & Morris Te Mana Chardonnay 2011, (art.no 6429-01) from Hawke's Bay, 119 SEK

Gardo & Morris Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (art.no 7708-01) from Marlborough, 89 SEK

Gardo & Morris Riesling 2011 (art.no 6430-01) from Waipara, 99 SEK


Gardo & Morris Late Harvest Riesling 2010

In June the first vintage of Gardo & Morris Late Harvest Riesling is launched and its available in almost every systembolaget stores. Articlenumber 98102, price 99 sek/ 375ml.

It's the first sweet Riesling from New Zealand to ever be launched in systembolaget, Ben Morris were also the first winemaker to release a pink sparkling wine for the swedish market, a pioneer from his time! 

(See reviews on Swedish page) 


Diemersfontein Coffee Pinotage 2011

The new 2011 vintage is now available in all Systembolaget's stores, article number 6315-01, price 85 kr/bottle

The South African producer Diemersfontein is internationally famous for producing "THE ORIGINAL COFFEE & CHOCOLATE PINOTAGE" and we are very proud to introduce it to the Swedish market. It has been a huge success and here is what some of the Swedish press have said about it to date:

  • "The best Coffee Pinotage I've tasted so far. The dark berry aromas from the Pinotage grape seeps through the intense aromas of coffee and chocolate from the toasted oak. Everything is spiced by a typical South African and lightly smoky touch.”  MIKAEL CHRISTIANSSON, "Årets Näsa 2011", Nov 2011
  • "Dark fruit characters with clear roasted notes and elements of coffee. Liqht bitterness towards the finish. Great with grilled sirloin steak." EXPRESSEN - 4 out of 5, April 2011
  • "A South African wine with notes of coffee and chocolate that is best combined with powerful, autumnlike tastes. For me Diemersfontein Coffee Pinotage is an exciting wine that breathes autumn, year round. It is perfect with root vegetables, venison, lamb, wild bird or duck" PAUL SVENSSON, award-winning star chef, Nov 2011
  • "A wine to just enjoy, a bit of adult candy, but also perfect with a steak with a sauce that has a little bit of sweetness in it - why not pour a bit of the wine in the sauce! I would also drink this wine with a cheese that has a bit of saltiness in it, like for example Emmental where the saltiness in the cheese can balance the sweetness in the wine. Or instead of an "avec" when you enjoy your chocolate this christmas. A wine you should always have at home because this wine is easy to like!" JOSEPHINE EDELSKOG, TV3 Adam Live Vinexpert, Nov 2011


Gardo & Morris Brut Rosé

Available at Systembolaget's ordinary sortment, article number 7732-01, price 109 kr/bottle

In April 2011 we released our very own Gardo & Morris Brut Rosé exclusively to the Swedish market. It is Systembolagets only Rosé Sparkling wine, made in the traditionel champagne method style from New Zealand. This wine has also been a great success and here follows some reviews from the Swedish press:

  • Splendid! SvD, MIKAEL MÖLSTAD,  Nov 2011
  • A Bargain! Sydsvenskan, Dec 2011
  • More than priceworthy! Allt om Mat, Okt 2011
  • A real bargin! Extra plus for the pretty bottleELLE Mat och Vin, Nov 2011
  • A Bargin! DVPE, Dina Viner Professional Edition, April 2011
  • "A wonderful winter rosé with a champagne feeling - a must during the winter season"  JOSEPHINE EDELSKOG - TV3 Adam Live, wine- and champagneexpert
  • "Seductive New Zealander from outside to inside" The best sparkling wines of this winter, vinegott.se Nov 2011
  • Great buy! 4 out of 5 points. EXPRESSEN, April 2011


  • Great buy! 4 out of 5 points. AFTONBLADET, April 2011


Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2009

New Zealand's very own grand cru Pinot Noir is now available in Systembolaget's exclusive stores while stocks last ! Article number 9037601, price 359 kr/bottle

Here is what the Swedish press think about the wine:

  • "Only very few bottles exist of this exquisite pinot noir which is probably  New Zealand’s best. Buy it now if you have the chance. I have seldom tried a better pinot noir from the new world. It is significantly darker than Bourgogne wines and more silky in its structure/texture. The finish is long and almost sensual." SYDSVENSKAN, Oct 2011
  • "New Zealand's cult wine Ata Rangi will run out straight away but it is worth queuing up for, because queuing you will have to do if you want to have the possibility of buying a few of the wines that are launched today." SYSTA STYVERN VIN & MAT, Oct 2011
  • 92 points - Inviting spicy nose with tones of salty liquorish and sweet red berries. Sweet fruit with a complex earthiness/mineral character, generous with warm pepper/spiciness and fine length, at the same time elegant. LIVETS GODA.se, Sept 2011'
  • Young deep pinot characteristic notes of violets, raspberry and tobacco. Fresh with a distinct light fruit in a mineral tinged style with a hot sting in the elegant finish. Winechef.se, Nov 2011